Despite It All

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My trip to Nashville for my sister’s bachelorette trip was going to be my ​weekend to let go. I was starting my last year of college and I finally felt ​like I had a plan for my life. I wanted one weekend of freedom. My plan ​was to drink some whiskey, sing karaoke, and ride that mechanical bull. ​But after meeting a sexy stranger, the bull took the backseat, and I went ​on a different kind of ride.

Jett was sweet, funny, and beyond gorgeous, but we agreed one night–​nothing more. When the sun came up, no matter what my heart told me, I ​stood by our agreement and left before he woke. With the click of the ​hotel room door, I knew I would regret this decision. I just didn’t realize it ​would come in the form of two pink lines on a stick.


You would think in five years a one-night stand wouldn’t still affect me, ​but Wyla practically tattooed her name on my heart that night. I was ​never going to give up on trying to find her. However, I never anticipated I’d ​find her with my four-year-old daughter at the same time.

With my baseball career and the distance between us, co-parenting ​might be her plan, but I let her go once and I don’t intend on making the ​same mistake twice. Despite it all, I’m not letting her sneak out of my life ​again.

Wyla Bennett

Black Right Arrow

vet tech

youngest bennett sister

strawberries on everything

fav gift is orange roses

Sign: aquarius

Coffee order: white mocha latte with ​strawberry cold foam

Jett Ellison

Black Right Arrow

seattle mavericks pitcher #4

believes in love at first sight

fav vacation spot: Nashville

bar order always burbon

Sign: Scorpio

Coffee order: double esspresso

stevie bennett

Sad blonde little girl
Black Right Arrow

4 years old

loves arts and crafts

best friend is her dog

social butterfly

Sign: aries

Coffee order: Chocolate milk

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