Bring It All

Bring It All


Owen West

Sure, Waverley Bennett is undeniably gorgeous with her long black hair ​and blue eyes that rival the sky. She’s also annoying, smart-mouthed, and ​oh yeah, my boss’s daughter…but those eyes. It doesn’t matter anyway; I ​don’t have the time for a relationship. Nothing serious suits me just fine. ​I’ve got my sister and niece to support, but when my sister takes things too ​far, I move Annabelle in with me and my cool uncle status goes straight ​down the drain as I take on temporary guardianship.

When Annabelle begs to take Waverley’s summer reading program at her ​school, I’m forced to see Waverley treat Annabelle as her own like I wish ​her mother would. With one night of Waverley taking care of Annabelle, ​I’m done for. I need her like I’ve never needed anyone before, but she’s got ​walls and a painful past that makes her hesitant. But I’ll wait; I’ll tear ​down those walls brick-by-brick.

In no time, Waverley and Annabelle become my world, my home, my ​family, but my life comes with responsibilities and drama that I shouldn’t ​put Waverley through. She tells me to bring it all despite her fears, and I ​think I may just do it.

However, my sister has different plans and now I have to make a decision ​that I don't want to make. I can't lose either of my girls…I just can’t, but ​that’s not the hand I’ve been dealt.

Waverley Bennett

Black Right Arrow

6th grade English teacher

middle bennett sister

Loves to sing karaoke

Bubble baths >>>

Sign: Capricorn

Coffee order: hot hazelnut latte

Owen West

Black Right Arrow

Aster creek cop

Uncle to Annabelle

Too many tattoos to count

Cooks like he’s on masterchef

Sign: Aries

Coffee order: black

Annabelle west

Black Right Arrow

Book lover

Waverley’s favorite student

Loves to cook with Uncle Owen

The strawberry cupcakes from

Crossroads are her favorite

Sign: Scorpio

Coffee order: Carmel frappe (decaf ​per Owen)

What readers ​are saying ​about bring It ​All


“This was a sweet story with a hint of​ spice + a dreamy tatted cinnamon​ roll man — WE LOVE​”

K​ay Griffin


“loved Mollie's debut Feel It All, so I ​was really excited to read this ​book...and holy moly did it blow my ​expectations out of the water!! ​Winry & Graham were so amazing, ​but Waverly & Owen just took #1 ​book couple in this universe for ​me!!”

-​Sarah J


“It’s safe to say that “Bring It All” is ​going to make one my top reads of ​2024 list. Mollie really outdid herself ​with this one.”​


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